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About Karen

Karen Ann Martino is a mature actress, who fell in love with acting later in life, and has since been sharing her passion with audiences; performing in films, television shows, commercials, industrials, webseries, and theatre productions. She aspires to set an example for both younger and older generations with her message that is never too late to go for your dreams. In less than five years since embarking on her journey, Ms. Martino has had lead roles in movies such as "Henry and Greta," "Frankly Speaking," and "Spun Around." She has also been featured in commercials for the Weather Channel, Axon Communications, and Picture Park; and has modeled for print advertisements and in fashion shows.

In addition to acting, Karen loves to sing, and has performed in several musicals, opera performances, and music revues; the latter being one of her favorite things to do. She has sung on recordings, as well, and has even penned her own children's song "Loveberries." Her next writing endeavor will be her original screenplay, which she has already conceptualized and looks forward to putting her vision on paper.

For Karen, performing is not just a job or a hobby; it is her joy and purpose for living. She feels grateful to have found her niche at this stage in her life. Although she always enjoyed creating, she lacked skill in the artistic projects she tried, such as painting and crafts. It wasn't until she discovered theatre and film that she was truly able to tap into her raw talent with art forms that came naturally to her and invigorated her. She is forever indebted to the late Ron Pomykala for encouraging her and introducing her to acting and singing. She says working with him during the play "Our Town" was life altering, as it opened her eyes to a whole new world of creative expression that made her realize what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

After this realization occurred, Karen decided to dedicate herself to her craft, studying extensively with Kevin Lasit, one of New England's top acting instructors; Albert Cremin, former coach for many now famous actors; Sherman Roberts of the Burt Reynolds Institute; Steve Blackwood from "Days of Our Lives," and numerous well-known voice instructors. It was through her training that Karen was able to join a community known as the "Lasit Talent Group," which is comprised of actors who have all studied under Kevin Lasit. These "Lasitarians" have become close friends who genuinely support each other's acting careers and travel together to auditions, classes, jobs, and networking events. The camaraderie this group embodies has made Karen feel like she is a part of something special and has given her a sense of belonging.

What Karen loves about acting is being able to get in touch with the emotions that she has acquired over a lifetime and using them to interact with people that she normally wouldn't get to. Interestingly, she points out that when she played the mother of a son in the film "Spun Around," it felt so real that she now knows what it would be like to have a son, though she only has daughters herself. She also likes doing work that can touch people and help them through difficult times, as they relate to the character or situation she is portraying. Additionally, she admires the brilliance and artistry of the young, emerging filmmakers she has had the pleasure to work with, as well as the professionalism and talent of the child actors she has been fortunate enough to act alongside. Lastly, she states that acting gives her "endless energy, motivation, and drive"; making her "more alive than ever before." For the first time in her life, she feels as though she is "really where she is meant to be."

When Karen isn't acting, she is busy spending time with her family, who is just as important to her as her career. She also has a passion for collecting antiques, having previously been an antique dealer herself. Karen has inspired others in her family to try their hand at acting, too; carrying on the torch that was passed down to her from previous generations of artists (her aunt and uncle had a radio show and sang, and almost everyone on her mom's side was musically inclined.) Most notably, she has proudly taken her granddaughter, who is an aspiring actor, under her wing; acting as her role model and mentor.

Karen's current goal is to have a principal role in a major motion picture. Judging by how much she has already accomplished in the short amount of time she has been pursuing acting, she is likely well on her way to achieving that goal and many more in the near future. Her career over the past few years later in her life has been impressive because it teaches us that late is always better than never. Karen Ann Martino has arrived and is here to stay in this industry.

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